What takes so long to groom my pet?


A dog's day at the spa is not like our day at the spa. Most of us enjoy a day of pampering but the same can't always be said for our furry kids. Some love it, some well, not so much. 

Prep work - The groomers take care of the basics first: brushing the coat, nails, teeth, and ears. YOU can help with this process by properly maintaining your dog's coat at home to keep them mat free.

Bathing - The bath itself can be quick or more intense, depending on the dog's coat and any treatments such as conditioners or de-shedding. In any case, an extremely thorough rinse finishes thing up. Keep in mind not all dogs love the bathing process so we work at their comfort level.

Drying - The drying process is essential; coats need to be completely dry in order to stretch to full length of the coat and make an even cut possible. The dryers make many dogs nervous, so at times the groomer will towel dry the dog and let them air dry. Many dogs benefit from a break after the drying process. Drying times can be less than 15 minutes for a Yorkie, but closer to 1 hour for a Goldendoodle.

The Haircut - This is when the groomer trims and tends to every last detail, from nose to toes to the tip of the tail. Depending on size, coat type/condition and behavior the haircut can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

Keep in mind ALL dogs can be unpredictable. We can't always give a proper timeframe in which the groom will be complete. We work at THEIR pace. It's all about trust. Your trust and the dogs trust.