Why is my pet crated???


We do utilize crates while your dog is staying with us. This is for their safety. If you are particularly against the idea of your pet being crated, please let us know so we can minimize the amount of time he/she has to be in one. If you know your dog is stressed by being crated, we ask that you pick them up as soon as their appointment is finished and that you don't drop them off more than 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time - this will minimize their stress of having to wait in the crate to begin grooming or to go home. We also offer an express grooming - we block off extra time before your dog's appointment to guarantee we are not running late so that we are able to begin the moment your dog comes through the door, and groom him straight through. There is a fee for this service.

While some pet parents may think 'cage-free' sounds ideal, there are dangers associated with pets roaming free in a salon that I'm not willing to take. For example, I've seen both groomers and dogs get hurt tripping over dogs, dogs escaping from the salon, groomers getting hurt breaking up dog fights, dogs getting hurt by getting into dog fights, and dogs having sharp tools dropped on them. These are dangers that are unnecessary. I'm not willing to ever put a pet in harm's way. Your baby's safety is my number one priority!

If having your pet in a crate is not something you're not comfortable with I most definitely recommend a mobile groomer or a doggie day care that offers grooming.